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General Meeting of the HANSA GROUP AG: Participation, voting rights, authorizations

For participation at the general meeting, exercising voting rights or to make an application, the shareholders shall register (German or English) at the HANSA GROUP AG or at a notified body given in the invitation to the general meeting in "Textform" (purs. to sec. 126 b BGB: e-mail, fax etc.) by the end of the seventh day before commencement of the general meeting. Proof of entitlements shall be submitted in "Textform" (purs. to sec. 126 b 126 BGB: e-mail, fax etc.) by means of a warrant issued by the institute keeping the securities account, indicating the equity account.

This proof shall refer to the beginning of twenty first day before the meeting and is to be submitted to the company by the seventh day before the meeting, unless the law earmarks other mandatory call dates. In case of doubts about the correctness and authenticity of the proof, the company is authorized to demand for an additional adequate proof. Should the proof not be submitted or not be issued as determined, the company is able to reject the shareholder.

The voting right can also be exercised by proxy. Besides the written form, the transmission of the proxy statement may be effected by e-mail. In case the company announces proxy agents for exercising the voting rights, the instrument of proxy may be forwarded by e-mail or fax, considering the manner specified by the company. Details on the proxy statement will be announced together with the convening of the general meeting in the corporate sheets.

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