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Our strategy: Focusing on growth and optimizing the value chain

The essence of our strategy is to focus on Care Chemicals in detergents, cleaning agents and body care products, and on streamlining our value chain. We strive to implement upstream steps within HANSA Group using our own capacities whenever possible.

In 2007, in line with this strategic target, we upped capacities at CHEMISCHE FABRIK WIBARCO GmbH, where we make surfactant feed materials and intermediate products mainly deployed in downstream surfactant production.

To expand the value chain, we took over parts of the former Henkel plant in Genthin, where we founded our subsidiary, WASCHMITTELWERK GENTHIN GmbH. The construction of a new surfactant plant at our Genthin location increased our surfactant production capacity several times over.

We turn these surfactants into detergents, cleaning agents and body care products at our subsidiary LUHNS GmbH, acquired in 2010. We turn any leftover production material into profit on the lucrative surfactant market.

This strategy lets us cover the entire value chain from surfactant feed materials and intermediate products to finished Care Chemicals.

Continuing successful business centralization policy: The chemical park model

We are further centralizing our business, striving to establish the presence of more of our business partners from the chemical industry at our production sites. This “chemical park” model saves us logistics costs and makes the value chain more efficient.

Our business development policy, in place for several years, has already paid for itself in energy supply: two cogeneration plants supply energy to the production plants at our Genthin site. Both plants were backed by investments of around 3 million euro and constructed in 2010 in close cooperation with the Magdeburg energy utility Getec Energie AG . As part of this cooperation, Getec took over supplying heating, which was previously based entirely on steam boilers. In Genthin, we also benefit from Getec’s forward-looking gas supply system. The gas is used both for generating electricity and heat in the cogeneration plants and for the drying stage in our production processes. This allows us to reduce our gas consumption, protect the environment and save costs.

A further project for a modern energy supply at our production facilities is set to be launched in 2013/2014. For this project, Getec will construct and operate a new power plant at the site of our WIBARCO subsidiary in Ibbenbüren by spring 2014. Agreements for this project were signed in December 2012.

Getec is investing around 5 million euro for the construction of the power station, which will, in the future, supply steam and heat for WIBARCO’s production of linear alkyl benzenes (LAB). Thermal oilbased energy supply is set to begin in the first quarter of 2014, leading to energy savings in Ibbenbüren as well as Genthin.